NAMA was founded in 1999 and now has multiple production facilities in Southeast Asia to serve US customers with premium quality products and services. Passion and innovation never stop at the NAMA spirit which makes a perfect and unique portfolio to customers.

We offer a wide range of Consumer and Commercial products with superb raw materials, high-precision production lines, and a more rigorous inspection process. Combining modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, NAMA creates a full PCR line of off-road MT, RT, UHP, HT, and Touring, etc. World tier-1 level PCR tire perfects blend of ride performance and quality along with unique tread pattern designs.

Our all-steel truck tire includes two different series “Big Feet” and “Eco-fighter” on Non-China origin bases. Longer mileage, fuel-efficient, excellent loading capacity, and ground grip ability have been well proved and accepted in the market for years.

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Holding QUALITY IS LIFE, NAMA embeds itself to the globalization at customers' most convenience. People at NAMA believe the core values of superior may gain the world. You can rely on NAMA to grow or expand your market share and build up more lasting relationships with your customers, strategic partners, and dealers worldwide. Come and be the NAMA partner for a brighter future!