NAMA Focus on Customer Service and Marketing
More and more companies are realizing that in this day and age of social media and online reviews that customer service and marketing go hand in hand. In fact, marketing to existing customers will always net a higher response rate and return on investment than marketing to the general public.

Here we share one of our partners who has cooperated with NAMA for over 10 years. After long period support on product and brand building, he has been already well-known in the local tire industry and surrounding countries. The partner admire “NAMA is a helpful and solution to customer, especially for the distributors’ brand continuously upgrade!”

NAMA will provide firm supports for global partners to establish a good local brand, no matter NAMA, second brand Demeter or your own brand, from small like design and make customized promotion gifts, banners, posters etc. to plan your whole company annual marketing, building up store and brands, even developing your tire private labeling project offshore. We will be your reliable and loyal partners on the same boat!